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Part of the Greatenergy portfolio, our EV components are modular in order to meet the increasing prevalence of EVs, you can customize the product to your specific requirements. With various cable exits directions available, these connectors adapt to your design, not the other way around.


Idea Generation & Conceptualization

We help find the best approach and solution for our customers and we work to further develop the concept into reality.

Design Validation & Testing

We prove that the design works properly for the end user as intended in real life scenario.

Tooling & Equipment Setup

Creating the molds required for manufacturing is the first step. we are experienced, from low- volume series without tooling to mass production requiring complex molds.

Product Design & Development

After the initial research and concept summarization, we design the best solution in terms of functionality and the cosmetic appearance.

Prototyping & Pilot Production

Prototypes being major part of the design process, in the stage we have better understanding the flaws in real life and by chance to improve them. 

Manufacturing & Assembly

With our trusted partner and manufactures, we can guide the mold making process, setup assembly procedures and draft your quality control documentation.

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