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What is BESS?

BESS stands for "Battery Energy Storage System". Indeed, It has become an integral part of our modern world. It's a technology used to store electrical energy on a large scale. These systems typically consist of rechargeable batteries that store energy produced from renewable sources like solar or wind power, or from the grid during times of low demand or excess generation. BESSs can then release stored energy during times of high demand or when renewable sources are not producing electricity, helping to balance the grid and improve overall energy reliability and efficiency.

Home Energy storage in real  

BESS is complex electrochemical systems. But with the advances in battery technology make a BESS a light and affordable solution for both residential and commercial use, including smart homes, large-scale industrial facilities, and utility grids. 


Safety is always the priority of the BESS product. Greatenergy has always follow the path and with decades experience in this field, we have completed the conversion to charging system in a relatively easy way. Especially for residential. We provide a wide range of product line and customization.

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Battery Management System

ES harness are mainly used to connect battery modules of energy storage systems in series, making it safer for workers to install energy storage systems (ESS).

ES Connector-0925-去背-正方.png

ES Harness

Busbars provide a safe HV connection on shorter distances. Especially in the limited space, like storage bank or any other HV system.


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