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HV Harness

Why is HV Harness important?

The automobile wiring harness is the carrier of electric vehicle power transmission and signal transmission, which is very is therefore critical to ensure that it can withstand the high voltages and currents that are encountered in the vehicle. 

And we provide all kinds of assemblies which is 100% customizable, to meet the various demand in different fields, such as Heavy industries, Aerospace, EV,  marine, etc.


The importance of a quality HV Wiring Harness cannot be overstated. The failure of a single wire in the high-voltage (HV) system can result in severe damage to property and even personal injury. This is why it is so important to choose a manufacturer that has experience making high-quality, durable and reliable HV wiring harnesses for the EV industry.

  • Electromagnetic shielding design

  • HV interlocking HVIL design

  • HV connector selection

  • Wire diameter design

  • Wiring harness design

  • HV wiring harness protection & identification design

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