EV Cable / High Voltage Harness

  • Main Harness

  • Air Bag Harness

  • Driver Door Harness

  • Rear Door Harness

  • Engine Wiring Harness

  • Headlight Harness

  • Audio and video Harness

  • Seat Harness

  • Roof Harness

  • Trunk Harness

  • Rear Light Harness

  • Trunk Lid Harness

  • Floor Harness

EV cables solutions ensure seamless charging status between the EV and EVSE. Greatenergy provides unparalleled durable EV cables that have undergone rigorous environmental tests, including exposure to oil, chemicals, abrasion, and crushing, to exceed our customer’s cabling requirements and EV standards.


We offer design and prototyping services with expert guidance to navigate automotive and EV standards. Our products are built based on strict quality standards.


EV cable consists of two or more insulated conductors, with grounding conductors and an overall jacket. The cable is used to supply power, signal, and control to EV during the charging process. The cable’s temperature rating is from -40 to 105°C (140 to 221°F)






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AC charger
DC charger

*All cable options are available in standard or custom configurations

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