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Inlet (Vehicle) & Socket (Infrastructure)

SAE AC inlet


SAE DC inlet


​Rated current: 16A - 80A

​Rated current: 125A - 250A

This Inlet is a SAE J1772 vehicle side solution that provides low contact resistance and a minimum of 10,000 mating cycles. It is available for single phase charging systems and has a current rating up to 80A.

The CCS Type 1 was developed for the North American market and is a extension 
of  the SAE J1772 connectors with two additional direct current (DC) contacts to 
allow high-power DC fast charging. 

GB/T AC inlet

GB/T DC inlet


​Rated current: 16A - 63A

​Rated current: 80A - 250A

The standardized AC vehicle connector in line with the Chinese GB/T standard carries out single or three-phase AC charging in charging mode 3.

The DC charging system that complies with GB/T standard provides fast DC charging for Chinese charging stations in charging mode 4.

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