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Greatenergy has been making reliable EV charging components that our customers value. Quality Control is strict. Greatenergy has implemented Total productive maintain, 7S activity, small group activity, rationalization, automation, efficient activity, as well as maintaining a top quality upgrading system.

Greatenergy is overhauling the computerization of the whole manufacturing system (MRPII). In order to increase customers trust, Greatenergy has started to carry out ISO-9000 quality control systems since the middle of 2006.


In order to fulfill the above commitments, Greatenergy will implement the following policies:


  • To improve manufacturing techniques through constant R&D.

  • To bring down the costs.

  • To improve product quality.

  • To maintain customer-oriented sales force to upgrade customer feedback systems.

  • To coordinate suppliers, cooperative manufactures, and customers in order to achieve a customer-oriented quality 





ISO 14001: 2015


AS 9100

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